Deep Blue Sky

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Paul Cogley’s newest album, ‘Deep Blue Sky’ is a 

love letter to the Earth itself from Deep Space. To  me, the entire album sounds like a compilation of  the bands of the future; reflecting on the history of humanity and the struggles of our time, through a  blend of analogue and synth tones. Paul Cogley  has composed not only an album but a story with ‘Deep Blue Sky’.


The album opens up with ‘Mr. Spaceman’. It starts

slowly with synths and then the drums and guitar kick in. Add the vocals and the image of a  lone storyteller on a backdrop of stars fills your  mind. The mix of harmonic pads with chorus guitar  just drips with emotion. And it is only a taste of  what’s to come. The song builds us up for ‘What If It Were You’, where the vocals take centre stage.  Bowie-esque and smooth, they cut through the rich  chords and melodies that adorn the rest of the  song. ‘What If It Were You’ ends with a bluesy  breakdown that is thick, rich and extremely tonal. A brilliant  blend that just gets more complex as the song  carries on. The guitar answers every question that  the backing asks with great and masterful sincerity.


This bluesy ending leads us onto the first of many  beautiful instrumental compositions on ‘Deep Blue Sky’, ‘Lament’. The song that signs the name on the love letter home. You can hear the emotional  breaths as the acoustic guitar is slowly egged on  by the accompanying bass. The story it is telling is one of longing and imperfection and it clashes  brilliantly with the tone of the album so far.  The synth pads, like bells, take a backseat to let the guitar talk to us one on one. Such a simple song in  its arrangement but so complex in its chords and  fingerpicking that it sets itself apart from the rest of the album. It juxtaposes  ‘A Million Miles Away’, which comes later, with such precision that it is definitely purposeful.


‘Longing’ follows on from ‘Lament’ and gives the  vibes of Depeche Mode, with crunchy blaring  electric tones over complex percussion. The vocals are solemn and fit well with the spacey guitar and  chirpy electric accents. The sliding guitar  progressions give a sense of zero-gravity as the song builds with blending strings. The slow and heartfelt feel doesn’t hang around for  long. ‘The Flimflam’ is a bopping tune that feels  both relentlessly modern and straight from the  sixties. The driving drums and deep-set bass bring to life this dance-worthy dark beat, with its flanger guitars and catchy tune. The song is purely analogue. There’s no room for synths in this instrumental future classic.


‘Deep Blue Sky’ shows us so much of what Paul  Cogley can do. ‘Everything Changes’ is a tremolo  nirvana with lyrics about the struggles of the  modern day. It serves as a catchy pull to the rest of the album. It shines on the record and would be my pick for the single. The smooth instrumentals allow you to get lost in the story Paul tells us in robotic  harmony, as we fall deeper into the void of synthetic dreams.


The album is finishing off. We are pulled through  the soundscape of ‘A Million Miles Away’,with its  dragging cello punches and tubular beeps.  Wailing star-sirens pitch in at a minute togo, bringing the  complex and emotional composition to a close.


‘Who’s Keeping Score’ is a future pop ballad. If  Duran Duran toured space stations in the year  3000, this would be a crowd favourite. Its use of  sequential bass melodies ties perfectly with the  soft vocal harmonies. The whole song is accented  sparingly with strings and it drivesa sad message  through a surprisingly catchy and memorable  melody.


The two last instrumentals, ‘Russian Doll’ and  ‘Epitaph’ bookend the last two songs on the album. ‘All The Love Inside’ models the sound that the rest of the album emulates. A symbiotic relationship  between synthetic and analogue. The drums keep pace as the vocals sing in remembrance of love,  now lost. It is the most experimental in its  composition, building pads, breakdowns as well as bluesy riffs. A section of spoken word completes  the image that the whole album has been painting  in our minds, once again adding humanity into an  electric future. ‘Pebble’ is a song that reminds me  of the Beatles. With its guitar harmonies, crispy  bass and its lyrical focus on imagery. I can imagine this song being on an album titled “Plastic Dreams  from a Paper Bag”. It fits so well here on ‘Deep  Blue Sky’, reminding us how good classical  songwriting can sound when blended with new  wave instrumentals that just keep evolving as the  song continues.


Paul Cogley has blended classical blues and strong, quality synths for a futuristic blend of warming and saddened songs that detail a troubled future. He  also shows us the hope that humanity can bring to  the cold abyss of space with songs like ‘Pebble’  and ‘Everything Changes’. ‘Deep Blue Sky’, through its use of heavy electric sounds and industrial  percussion, relies on tone and emotion to give us  an album that is undeniably human.


Album: Deep Blue Sky by Paul Cogley


After being a part of the local music scene for years, sounds like the British-born, Seattle-based artist Paul Cogley is much more comfortable with his own solo releases. With his second record “Deep Blue Sky” out, Cogley experiments with lots of sounds and moods as well as personal and touching subjects that we all relate to, I believe we all need this record as Cogley described “Deep Blue Sky” as: 

“a guidebook on how to redeem yourself in this crazy world where we have all lost the plot a little.”

So, let’s dig deeper into it,

The record opens with an open sound and bright melodies on “Mr. Spaceman”. I loved its classic progressive/art rock approach that’s strongly present in its fluid mellow melodies and multi-layered structure.


“What If It Were You” instantly became one of my favorites with its smooth fading-in intro, beautiful guitar tone, atmospheric synth, and unique bassline. It has bluesy melodies with a smooth organic progression topped by Paul Cogley’s warm deep voice that makes you want to listen more.


“Lament” comes next with a simple structure and loads of emotions, its melancholic acoustic arpeggios will definitely hit a chord and make you reflect on many things.


“Longing” picks up with “Lament’s” mood with a bigger sound and layering mixing synths with some Knopfler-style expressive guitar work and Cogley’s vocals.


With a groovy upbeat melody comes “The Flimflam” shaking the dynamics of the record right at the perfect point. Its jazzy drums and groovy bass made it a super fun tune and I loved how improvisational the guitars sounded as he kept freely throwing licks and melodies here and there. 


Paul Cogley’s narrative vocal melody perfectly matched the open sound and dark melodies of “Everything Changes”. It has a subtle smooth flow of melodies that Cogley smartly used to express a sad story about modern-day relationship struggles in a way that he made the listener feel that heartache through his music.


With a spacey intro “A Million Miles Away” starts showing Paul Cogley’s skills in experimenting with electronic elements. It keeps on progressing while keeping up with its mysterious vibes with a dark layer of anticipation added by the simple bow and string stroke. Cogley starts introducing new melodies and instruments slowly and neatly as we move forward in a subtle sense that gave the song an organic progression that just carries you effortlessly.


“Who’s Keeping Score” steers the dynamics into a slower more heartfelt area once again but, in a totally different way. Its swaying percussions and bass mixed with violins and violas’ strong emotional melodies created a unique sound twist adding new elements to the “Deep Blue Sky” experience.


There’s no better way to start a song called “Russian Doll” than the sound of a ballerina music box. “Russian Doll” has an overall uplifting mood with its escalating dynamics and sound that keeps on getting bigger and more open with every turn.


“All The Love Inside” brings back the classic rock sound, the building-up intro takes us into a mellow verse that twists into a groovy catchy chorus, and towards the end, all this gets mashed up with atmospheric synths giving it a smooth perfect outro.


“Pebble” is a fun tune with playful melodies and colorful sounds, adding a new flavor to the mix.


Ends the record on a high note is the beautifully atmospheric “Epitaph”. It’s a simply structured piece with some well-written guitars and well-arranged and layered effects that sets the mood perfectly creating a melancholic piece that’s worthy of its name.

Paul Cogley’s “Deep Blue Sky” is a sound journey that you don’t want to miss. His unique mix of old-school progressive rock with electronic elements and synths while experimenting with new instruments shows a lot of character and creativity. It is a solid well-written and well-structured record that can easily get into your albums of the year list.


Looking forward to more from Cogley, cheers!


Hazem Mahani – Sistra Podcaster, music content creator, writer and a full time headbanger.

Paul Cogley takes on the "Deep Blue Sky"

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Sometimes spontaneous, the moment of a flash, the artist manages to find inspiration and image his final work. Sometimes inspiration can be languishing. In either case, it takes time to produce just and especially to bring out the desired message and sensations. 


This is what Paul Cogley did for his latest album Deep Blue Sky which earned him two years of meticulous work for a subliminal result. A result that the singer considers world-class and whose opinion we will corroborate. 


The album is a combo of sweet melodies with an experimental rock flavor, sparkling, dotted with EDM electronic rhythms. 12 tracks, which run 56 minutes 20 seconds long, will have the heavy burden of dazzling the American audience and those elsewhere. 


However, the singer of Edmonds has previously loaded the album with the weapons necessary to fulfill his mission.


In the front row on Deep Blue Sky, we find Mr. Spaceman who questions this pressure that man inflicts on himself to be at the height of others or to find himself depressed. In the second row quietly arises What If It Were You, to wisely recall the general apathy that is currently developing in society.


Strolling through this enriching universe both in lyrics and sounds, we cross avenues such as Lament, Longing, Everything Changes, to Pebble to finally exit through the large Epitaph gate. Make the appointment of this walk by clicking below.


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Paul Cogley, Deep Blue Sky album, Review. 

As a mostly “roots” based DJ, I will generally bypass most rock-oriented recordings that seem too popular. But, Paul Cogley’s new album “Deep Blue Sky” is full of surprises.


Produced at home on computer, there is no band, but it is rich with sound. Instrumental tracks run the gamut from electronic rock and surf rock (“The Flim Flam”) to tinges of blues, classical and new age/folk(“Lament”).


The tracks that grab me most are lyric based songs, where deep thought has gone into what the listener should feel. From “What If It Were You”: “Bombs fall all around, there’s a family running scared, All they need is a chance”, puts you right there on the ground with them.


Another lyric that grabs me is from “Who’s Keeping Score”: “We’re on a voyage, In charge of our own fate, Picking a way, we seek to validate. There’s no first place, in the human race, A soul is judged by the love it creates”. I could listen to that chorus forever.


This album has songs that will hit people in different ways, instrumental track “Lament” made me sigh after it was done. “Pebble” is a bright song that glistened in my mind for a few days and skipped forward while taking a walk.”Mr. Spaceman” is a fun tune that is perfect for going outside and looking for the space station passing by.


This album is definitely worth a listen. 


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Deep Blue Sky - PAUL COGLEY

Paul Cogley is one of those people that is thrown into the world with the primary objective of becoming a star! His amazing music skills span across so many instruments that he decided to just become a one-man band! A singer songwriter who makes surreal rock music that seems to be spilling out of the genre that it has been boxed into. Deep Blue Sky is a masterpiece of an album, spanning 12 amazing tracks. An extended journey into the world of Paul Cogley. Paul has been making music since the 70s and you can see that he is at a point where he has become a musical magician!

Surreal guitar soundscapes and a very soothing voice all kept together by amazing drumming by Paul Cogley. I have to remind myself that all this is being done by one man. It seems next to impossible to achieve such quality work just by himself. Let’s move on to the album itself now!  

The album starts off with ‘Mr. Spaceman’, which has a very spaced-out intro that makes you wonder what Paul has in store in this track. Right when the guitar pours in, OH MY GOD! This is the kind of rock that I have been looking for all these years. A genre that has seen so many artists come and go with their own styles, Paul seems to plant his flag, to be remembered for ages. An amazing first track to an album. I’m already hooked. The guitar work is just oozing from the speakers and creeping into my very being. The electronic sounds are a really nice touch, especially since the vocals have a lot of space effects on it. I personally love the first track and I think I might have a favorite already. MY favorite part of this track is how the guitar solo around the 3-minute mark ends with an amazingly creative riser that makes the listener feel like they’re spiraling into space!

This album reminds me of a band I used to listen to when I was younger – “Younger Brother” who focused more on the psychedelic aspect of rock.


The second track is slightly at a higher tempo and keeps you going through the album, until the 4-minute mark. From here on, it is an outro or rather an interlude to the next track “Lament”. Its as if Paul has created the whole album with a clear idea in his head. A story that spans across 12 tracks. A really cool concept.

Here on, the album takes a more melancholic approach. Lament is an instrumental track that just showcases how amazingly Paul can pour emotions out of just strings. I can feel what he’s trying to convey in my gut. Longing is another song filled with sadness, this time showcasing Paul’s surreal voice. It just pierces through you, as if he was whispering directly to your soul. With amazing spaced-out guitar leads that just take you deeper and deeper into a state of melancholic trance!

Next, we move on to “Everything Changes”. A track whose lyrics I absolutely love! He talks about how tomorrow is the day you worry about yesterday, not today. What a profound phrase. I had to replay it at least 5 times just to be sure of what he said! Tomorrow is the day you worry about yesterday! Not today! Wow! Did reading that again help? This is because everything changes. Wordplay at its finest, accompanied with a gated guitar lead that seems to be rippling through. Absolutely surreal!

Now we move on to “A million miles away”, an instrumental gem that takes you through a floating desert in the middle of the universe. Ethereal soundscapes with amazing guitar work led to the birth of this psychedelic masterpiece. Paul really is an expert at creating worlds in your head. A sonic architect that just creates geological structures through stereo!

At this point in the album, I can make an educated guess that every alternate track is going to be an instrumental masterpiece. The overall arrangement of the album itself is amazing! The album ends with “Epitaph”, the most melancholic track of the album. At this point, I’m almost in tears but I have no idea why. Do you remember, as a kid, when you bawled your eyes out, you get the soundest sleep? This track is somehow the musical version of exactly that feeling. The limbo between crying and sound sleep!


I have no other words to explain that feeling!

Overall, this has become one of my all-time favorite albums. Its not even that I’m trying to force this album on you, its an honest opinion! An album that can take you through a journey of sadness within yourself, finally leading to some really sound sleep! A surreal ceremony of facing your sadness at its core and overcoming it! 

Hats off to Paul Cogley for this masterpiece. I wish i could sit and explain how every track made me feel but I don’t think any of you would enjoy reading so much. So, I’m going to end with this: Yesterday, you were worrying about tomorrow, and not today!


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Deep Blue Sky Is Paul Cogley’s Album - Indie Music


Good Day Noir Family,

Welcome to Edgar Allan Poets indie music corner. A space dedicated to the best new artists and bands we find around the web. Today’s featured Artist is Paul Cogley and his album DEEP BLUE SKY.


As soon as I started listening to this album, I immediately realized that I was in front of an artist with a lot of experience behind him.


The compositional refinement and the harmonic structure of the songs are impeccable and the attention to every detail is obsessive.


Paul Cogley is an eclectic artist influenced by many musical genres. This in-depth musical knowledge allowed him to create a unique sound blend. Artists like David Bowie and Peter Gabriel come to mind while you listen to those beautiful songs.


Deep Blue Sky is a solid and mature album to be listened to over and over to understand all its nuances. The production is impeccable, and the chord progression is never predictable and banal.


An artist who offers music of absolute quality and that produces a sound that stands out from the crowd.


A nice discovery that I recommend to everyone.


DEEP BLUE SKY is Paul Cogley’s album out now!


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“The soothing vibrations of “The Mountain” took me on a journey to a beautiful and serene place inside my mind. This wonderful song is not only a musical vacation, but a gentle reminder of the peace that lives deep within us.”


Singer, Songwriter, Sound designer,

Composer, Recording Artist

“The Mountain is a song for day dreamers. The guitar work is brilliant, and the melody will stay in your head for days”. 

“[Space Patrol] My kind of song. Edge and grit from a nice retro bass and drums merge nicely with soaring synth lines and beautiful guitar. Paul Cogley is a very skilled arranger and producer.”


Producer, Sound designer, Composer, Recording artist

“Paul Cogley’s latest album, Terra Nullius is an alluring, melodic and at times hypnotic collection of 11 compelling songs.  Cogley has masterfully come up with a brilliant soundtrack for the pandemic.  Indeed, Terra Nullius’s joy and power make it the perfect anti-dote to these, at times, dark and challenging days. Most of the songs are sweet, complex electronic compositions with a few folk and pop songs contributing to a beautifully constructed whole, of music and storytelling. This album has that rare power to draw one in and not let go. “My Book of Trees” is a pure joy while “Black Sail” is seductive and haunting.  I relished the fun, upbeat “Cheese and Crackers”.  Cogley is a gifted and original talent. Terra Nullius is a 'must listen to' gift to us all.”


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