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  • paulcogley

These Lands Belong to No-One

The album, Terra Nullius (or 'these lands belong to no-one'), is a conceptual social statement of the day, not to be confused with a forced entanglement with politics. 

Each song loosely points to some kind enlightenment a person achieves, while striving to be more genuine, thoughtful, caring and socially sensitive. This journey is loosely modeled on the journey of The Fool on his trip through the major arcana of a deck of Tarot cards, with each song being that point of enlightenment. 

I have attempted to tell this story purely through the music, as did our classical masters. Only three songs have any kind of lyric, and it is all open to musical interpretation. 

There is a road map to this album, to start you off: A ‘Flatland’ is a two-dimensional quantum concept (verses), to demonstrate to us three-dimensional beings the bewilderment when we try to consider additional dimensions. The two-dimensional ‘Flatlander’ has its mind blown when a three-dimensional being invades that space (choruses). They say there are 11 dimensions, which leaves 8 dimensions that we cannot even begin to imagine. We don’t even know a third of it and so have so much to learn!


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