Image by Altınay Dinç

“The soothing vibrations of “The Mountain” took me on a journey to a beautiful and serene place inside my mind. This wonderful song is not only a musical vacation, but a gentle reminder of the peace that lives deep within us.”


Singer, Songwriter, Sound designer,

Composer, Recording Artist

“The Mountain is a song for day dreamers. The guitar work is brilliant, and the melody will stay in your head for days”. 

“[Space Patrol] My kind of song. Edge and grit from a nice retro bass and drums merge nicely with soaring synth lines and beautiful guitar. Paul Cogley is a very skilled arranger and producer.”


Producer, Sound designer, Composer, Recording artist

“Paul Cogley’s latest album, Terra Nullius is an alluring, melodic and at times hypnotic collection of 11 compelling songs.  Cogley has masterfully come up with a brilliant soundtrack for the pandemic.  Indeed, Terra Nullius’s joy and power make it the perfect anti-dote to these, at times, dark and challenging days. Most of the songs are sweet, complex electronic compositions with a few folk and pop songs contributing to a beautifully constructed whole, of music and storytelling. This album has that rare power to draw one in and not let go. “My Book of Trees” is a pure joy while “Black Sail” is seductive and haunting.  I relished the fun, upbeat “Cheese and Crackers”.  Cogley is a gifted and original talent. Terra Nullius is a 'must listen to' gift to us all.”


Media Expert, Consultant, and Music Lover